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December 06, 2023

GOAL.MD Semaglutide weight loss success story from Lacey

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lacey Mangerchine

When did you first start having issues with your weight?

Lacey Mangerchine : I started having issues about 20 years ago. Um when I started having babies, um that's when the real issues started because before that I danced all my life from the age of five to the age of 20 something having babies. I was constantly moving. I was an NFL cheerleader for the New Orleans Sensations. So I did get pregnant as I was dancing for them. So once I stopped dancing, moving around having babies, hormonal changes. That's when the pounds started packing on.

Why was it time to make a change? Health, Appearance, Family, an Event?

Lacey Mangerchine : I found it was finally time to make a change when I started hiding in pictures and not wanting to be in family photos or going to events um that friends invited me to because I didn't want to find something to wear, nothing fit me. You know, I didn't feel good about myself. So, of course, you know, when your self esteem, your self esteem shows. Um And also another change was I became prediabetic. Um I started going to the doctor regularly just because I wasn't feeling good and I was prediabetic. Um The doctor, I was going to really only suggested change my diet, which I had done many a times already. Um So that was the main reason why I wanted to change to get at that prediabetic stage because I did not want to become diabetic.

How have you tried losing weight previously? Diets. Surgery. Other?

Lacey Mangerchine : I have tried, um, every fad diet you can think of. Um, I've tried the cabbage soup diet, the three day military diet. Um, any workout routine you can think of. I've tried it. I've tried starving myself, obviously that didn't work because, you know, when you try to starve yourself, what happens, you binge eat that, that same night after trying to starve yourself for a whole day. So, um, and I know that's not a healthy lifestyle to lead either. Um, but that's what would happen. So, yeah, I've tried everything.

Why have those past efforts failed?

Lacey Mangerchine : I think those efforts failed. Um, because I gave up easily. Um, I wanted a quick fix for everything. I mean, that's just my true honest answer. Um, um, I just don't believe everybody's different. Everybody's body is different. So I think with me it was being prediabetic in my hormones. Something needed. I needed something more than just that diet, you know. Um, so I think that's why nothing worked for me. I got discouraged very easily because when I didn't see the scale moving, that's what did it, you know, I just stopped.

Why did you decide to try semaglutide?

Lacey Mangerchine : I made my decision to try semaglutide because I was hearing a lot of success stories with it. Um, friends, family. Um my own mom, she had got on it. She was pre pre diabetic and she had lost weight. Um, at that time, I was just looking to lose weight. So, um, but that's when you had to have a diagnosis of diabetes to get it. So I just kind of put it off and listen to the background noise about it. Um, so I said, you know what, I've tried everything, it was pricey but, um, I made the investment and invested in it and it is the best investment of my life that I have done. Um So that's why I tried it. I said, let me, I gave everything else a try. So why not try si So it was a great um success.

How is semaglutide therapy going!!?? Are you happy?

Lacey Mangerchine : It is going wonderful. I'm very happy with my results. I am very glad I made this decision. It has been the best decision overall for my mental health. Um my self esteem, physically, my physical health, everything. I'm not prediabetic anymore. Um I've lost a total of £34. I was 1 86 when I started. Uh today I'm 1 49. Um I sleep better at night. My clothes fit perfect. So I'm doing great uh side effects. I really have not had any side effects. Um tm I maybe a little constipation but nothing magnesium couldn't fix. Um Once I take magnesium, I'm back to normal. Um But other than that, you know, everything's been fine. I, I've learned in the first few months it was hard eating, but now I've trained myself, you have to eat, you need your protein, you need your water intake. So I've trained myself to eat the protein, drink the water. So that's very important in the process.

How much weight have you lost? What are your goals?

Lacey Mangerchine : So I started at 1 86. I'm currently 149. So I think that's a total of 34 lbs. My goal is 130 So I have a little ways to go. Um, once I hit the 130 I will continue to maintain. So, what I'm doing now is throwing some cardio in there. I do pool exercises at my mom's house. Um, I find that's more relaxing and I can do a quick 30, 45 minute, you know, workout in the pool and it's something rather than walking in the heat or anything like that. So that's my goal to incorporate exercise into it now because believe it or not, I did not exercise through this whole weight loss since the beginning of, since the end of the month. March to now, I did no exercise. Um, so now I'm gonna incorporate that in because once I hit my 130 I wanna maintain and that's my goal be 130. Stay at 130. Maintain what exercise and the proper diet because I do not drink coffee anymore. No more fried foods. No fast food. Um, I crave nothing but fruits and fruits and vegetables. Um So it has changed everything drastically. So if you're on the fence about making this jump, making this investment jump, promise me, I promise you jump, you will be ok.

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