Div Manickam for GTM Blueprint

December 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Div Manickam, Mentor | Product Marketing Influencer, nowhere: Explore with Div

Please could you introduce yourself?

Div Manickam: Hi, my name is Dave Monium. I am a mentor author and explorer and a product marketing influencer. Super excited to be here with you today.

What will you be discussing during your workshop?

Div Manickam: In our go to Market GTM workshop. I'm looking forward to sharing best practices and learnings from my career of 10 years in B to psa's product marketing in technology companies and start ups. Let's talk about market research and IC P. When we think about our customer and the market that we're going after, it's very important to know the fundamentals. Who are we working for? Who is our buyer, who is our customer? And why does this matter for them? Do make, take the time to understand who your IC P is. This is your ideal customer profile because it's a game changer for sure. Next, let's talk about personas when you are thinking about who your audience is and who you want to reach out to your persona will help you understand their true pain points. What is keeping them up at night? What are their biggest challenges? And can you be the painkiller or the vitamin for their problem to solve? If you are the painkiller, it's urgent, they need to solve it right away and they will come finding you. If you are a vitamin you're nice to have. So it might, might not be quite what they want at this moment in time. So let's explore more in the GTM workshop on Personas.

How will your workshop equip viewers for the real-world GTM challenges?

Div Manickam: When I think about the real world, go to market challenges for us. In product marketing, it comes down to positioning. We'll be talking about positioning on March 6th when we see the opportunities for positioning and messaging along the way, all the way to narrative design. This is the starting point. This is our first smile. We need to be thinking about how we're going to position ourselves in the market. How can we resonate with our customers and what's in it for them? Why should they care? How are we going to connect with them and speak their language? No tech jargon, no buzzwords speak in simple language. That makes sense for them. That's what we're here for. When we think about positioning, it's our value proposition. It's understanding your personas, it's connecting the dots between the two. Join me on March 6th for positioning.

What are the key takeaways that participants can expect from this workshop?

Div Manickam: Let's talk about narrative design. Join me on March 13th to bring your stories to life. I love the concept of nurture design because it brings the truth and the stories to come together. It helps us bring our stories to life. When we think about narrative design. This is our opportunity to sit down with our leadership team and think more strategically than just a story that is at the product level. This elevates the story to be much bigger. And I've enjoyed working on uh creating the narratives for big start ups, fortune five companies. And I'm here to share some of my learning with you. Looking forward to seeing you on March 13th for narrative design.

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