August 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Oliver Carvajal Gomez, Digital Strategy Consultant, DigitalJam . Milad, AWS cloud architect, Cloudflake. Balwinder Kaur, Cloud Solution Architect - App Innovation Dev Advocate, Microsoft. Steve Arakelian. Marla Weatherspoon Johnson, Cloud Architect, Go Cloud Careers. Todd McLaughlin, President, Native Yoga Center

Oliver Carvajal Gomez: Hey, mike. Happy birthday! Taking this time to congratulate you for this and join a little extra bits. Also to thank you for the wonderful experience that I have with the program. And if this is something positive that you could consider as a little mini gift, I don't know, I have been hired as a solution architect and uh well I wanted to share this with you, hopefully helps you being more proud about you, do what you do. And at least it just confirmed that joining the program was really beneficial for me. I really enjoyed every bit of it and I'm not stopping there and I'm just continuing my my progressions and the learning. Of course there's a lot of learnings anyways. The point is just to congratulations for your birthday and hope you will have a good one. And yeah, see you soon. Bye.

Milad: Hey, mike! Happy birthday In this special day, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me. I've learned a lot from you, from your technical knowledge and your background, and more important than that, your personality and attitude and I really appreciate it. And without your health it wouldn't be possible for me to work as a solution. Architect, thank you for guiding me, guiding my carrier and um, I wish you all the best for your birthday. May you have many more birthdays and many more years of uh spreading your wonderful attitude and knowledge. Thank you very much and have a great birthday.

Balwinder Kaur: Mike, I wish you a very happy birthday Jonathan mubarak Oh, thank you, mike for working tirelessly to make life better um for others and for encouraging so many special. Thank you for being such a big part in helping me get where I am today. And I wish you a very happy and healthy, life ahead. Take care and enjoy your day.

Steve Arakelian: Hey, Mike, it's Steve Barak alien wishing you a happy birthday. Sorry I couldn't be there with you guys today but wanted to send along a quick note. We've known each other for quite some time, probably. Gosh 20 years and been lucky to have followed your career and actually help you a little bit with your career and getting you over to uh night many years ago. Um very happy to see what you're doing and making an impact in the I. T. World and bringing your knowledge to the forefront and helping folks out to attain their goals and becoming cloud experts. So I commend you for what you're doing and keep on doing it. So again, have a great birthday and we'll speak to you soon. Take care, mike.

Marla Weatherspoon Johnson: Michael Gibbs. What a joy it has been to have found you, you know, something in your Youtube videos and your live Q and A S of which I attended many. You were so passionate and so enthusiastic that I can, I think I can speak for all of your students that I was compelled to sign up for an adventure of learning with you and what an adventure! What an adventure it has been. You might remember that I happily spent my entire birthday last year on a six hour video call, writing an AWS manual. Um to be honest, I was just excited to watch this maestro at work crowd sourcing this diversity of talents. And then you opened up the opportunity to do more with cloud heroes africa allowing all of us the chance to impact others lives in a meaningful way. Just the way that you do and and Michael, you and I have talked and I think you figured out pretty quickly that I like to keep things close to the vest. But you are so empathetic that you always know when there's more to the story and you offer such wonderful advice unsolicited and I am forever grateful. But I want to get back to this juggernaut that you've created called go cloud careers. You not only generously share everything that you know to teach us, but you radiate such joy and caring and compassion and integrity through your example. You have created this community of of brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles and daughters and sons who sincerely love and care for one another and really want to help each other succeed. Sir. That is no small feat. So Michael, to the most sincere, uniquely generous person I have ever met. I wish you Roni Apoula. Happy birthday, may your day be at least as wonderful as you are. Mhm. We love you, Michael. Happy birthday. And by the way, I hope I did not ask where is the train station? Because that was supposed to be happy birthday in greek, enjoy love you.

Todd McLaughlin: Happy birthday mike. I'm wishing you a really amazing and great day and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you do for both myself and my wife, Tamra and for all of us at Native Yoga Center and the work that you do is amazing and inspirational. And I gained so much uh inspiration from watching you and seeing you excel and succeed. And remember before you got started with go Cloud Architect, how much you had the passion to succeed and start this business. So now to watch, just like a short amount of time later, maybe like a year and a half now to see you come to this level, it's just absolutely amazing. And I just want to say thank you and wishing you the best day ever.

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