Edward Torres for GMB Lead Machine Video Testimonials Contest

November 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Edward Torres

Edward Torres: Hey AJ, it's Eddie just wanted to say thank you very much for creating the GMB lead machine. Just amazing. I will tell you that it's a simple system to follow. You basically gave us the blueprint to help our clients out. We're seeing excellent results and it's just amazing. Can't wait to get into the master class and learn more. Thank you very much for all you're doing.

Edward Torres: How you doing? My name is Eddie Torres. I'm a local realtor in Central Florida. We got the GMB lead machine to make sure that we could uh rank higher in Google. And uh so far implementing the program, we've had an opportunity to see definitely for a competitive niche, um some incremental increases in our traffic and we just got started. So looking forward to see what else we could do to go ahead and compete in such a competitive niche market. But the GMB lead machine is definitely our blueprint to get there.

Edward Torres: Hey guys, like we know every business needs leads. Now, I'm telling you right now that the GMB lead machine is the road map to success.

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