Alan Engel for Ready2Launch Video Testimonail

December 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alan Engel

Alan Engel: Hey, this is Alan Engle. I wanted to give a quick shout out to AJ for the ready to launch program. Um I have a um digital marketing agency and I was looking for um a Google Maps related product to offer to prospective clients to get more leads for my business. And I came across the GMB lead machine and as I dug into it, um this fit really well with what I was trying to do, but AJ provided a shortcut because it's already built. I just needed to go in and make changes for uh my business to brand it for me. And as I went through it, it just, it was just making more and more sense to get this because it actually went far beyond what I was planning on doing and it's prebuilt. So um that, that was a really cut the time down um that I needed to get this launched. So um I jumped in on it and then once I got into the program, what I found was that makes it really a no brainer to get is AJ walks you through all of the steps to get it set up for your business. And, um you know, even if you know, the technology just having someone to walk you through exactly how it is in small bite size chunks, um I mean, it just saved so much time and cut down on, let's say, anxiety about how much there is to do because he puts it in bite size chunks and just makes it so easy to get through. So, if you're on the fence about getting this hop off, get into this program and you're gonna get this launched in really no time, less than a week and you can have it up and running and gathering leads for you as well. So just want to say thanks AJ for putting this together and making it so easy to get it launched. Thanks, man.

Alan Engel: Uh I'd say the thing I benefited most from the ready to launch program is that AJ walks through every step and it, and it keeps the, the videos for each one or, you know, under five minutes for the most part. Um So you get through everything very quickly and easily and it makes sense. You're not trying to remember how to do like three different kind of related things. Just do one at a time and just go right through it and that's it before you know, it, you've gone through everything.

Alan Engel: I would absolutely recommend anyone get this who's thinking of adding a Google map product, um either as a lead magnet or as a service to offer. Um because it is so easy to get this launched and live and generating leads it. I've looked for other things. I was going to build something myself before I came across this, I couldn't have even imagined something this easy already existing. So, yeah, jump on this if you get the chance.

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