Tamara Taylor for Explorer Connections

May 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tamara Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, Crenshaw Christian Center

Please introduce yourself (name, title, church, church location).

Tamara Taylor: Hello, My name is Tamara Taylor. I'm a glue member with Crenshaw christian center in los Angeles California. The address is 79 01 south Vermont 90044. The pastor of the church is dr Frederick K. Price. He is the pastor, and glue is connected with the pastoral staff through the marketing depart.

Why did your church decide to connect with Explorers? What were you doing before?

Tamara Taylor: What were we doing before, Glue? We welcome first time visitors through our Youtube channel through our facebook channel. And we were on social media butt Glue made sense because you can connect with the person directly, speak to them and then you can invite them into your service. So we wanted to make sure that all of our avenues were open so that people would come and hear the uncompromising word of God and to feel warm and welcome and to find a good church home.

Can you share a story about a specific Explorer connection? What happened? What was the impact?

Tamara Taylor: Yes, I love glue because people are excited. When they received the message, there were two members, there was Gina and there was Sis. Gina had been in a very tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend and she was like on the verge of killing herself, she said. And so once we start talking we formed a friendship. We had a phone call. She enjoyed the phone call. We talked for about two hours. And so today she says thank you for that phone call and I'm very excited. We prayed together, it was just warm and it was life saving for me and I believe it was for her. The other one was Sis he's the most, he's a recent explorer and he's going back and forth, back and forth. He said he was struggling. His stomach was all tied up in knots. So I reached out to him and we had conversation and now I can say that he reached out yesterday and he said, tell me what is this all about? So whatever he was going through at the time, the conversation helped him overcome that area in his life

How has receiving Explorers impacted your church? Your team?

Tamara Taylor: Well, I would like to see more visitors come from it. Everyone is invited to join our bible, study, our sunday service on Tuesday or sunday morning, and to let us know that they are there. And I have yet to know if someone has turned in their name or said they were invited from glue, so I am not sure.

What advice would you give to other churches that want to help?

Tamara Taylor: The advice that I would give to other churches is to get totally involved with this effort. Many people are looking for church homes. They're looking for love. They're looking for a true believer or a true christian. So when you reach out to them with the love and you open up your arms, it takes the edge off of their life and it helps them feel warm and toasty about the Lord, about coming to church and about their lives as believers.

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