Bishop Alexander and Explorer Connections

May 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Bishop Claude Alexander: Ratings to dr buckley and to you, the members of the general missionary baptist state convention of Mississippi my name is Claude alexander pastor the park Church in charlotte north Carolina, but I grew up in Jackson Mississippi, I was licensed at Mount helm baptist church um and so there is a love that I have for you as brothers and sisters in the Lord jesus christ, there is a unique opportunity that is before us as a church to be able to engage individuals who would not normally enter into conversation with us nor approach the doors of our church. The he gets us campaign which has produced ads on multiple stations dealing with the person of jesus is being used to scratch itches of individuals as bringing them to consider jesus in ways in which they normally would not consider them and as a result of their curiosity being piqued, they are then being directed to churches who are able to receive them. Were able to further engage them, we're able to hear and answer questions. Were able to serve and provide assistance all with the hope of leading them to a saving and disciple ng relationship with the Lord jesus. An unprecedented amount of investment has been made in creating this form of passive evangelism. No tracks are being handed out, No, no street corner messages are being shouted, No people are receiving messages about jesus right where they are as they are and God is using that to direct them to churches who are receptive of them and so this is a great opportunity now glue, which serves as the technological arm behind this, has also developed ways of further engaging people that give us some great information about who they are, where they are, how they are, and how we can best message and engage them and then begin to disciple them and grow them. And so I'm so glad that reverend Elliott johnson from Glue is there and I would encourage you to go see him and get all of the information that you can from them, because this is working for churches who use it. And I believe that it will be a blessing to you as well. God bless.

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