Tarie Intl GMF Story Clip 4 for Social

December 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tarie Nyamudeza, International GMF Serving in Hong Kong

What excites you about your placement site and type of work?

Tarie Nyamudeza: What excites me the most is Sundays because on Sunday I get to spend the whole day with different organizations from Mission for Migrant Workers and sit on the road and just eat different Filipino food or Indonesian food or whatever migrant group I'm hanging around with on that particular Sunday. So I think that's what excites me the most. And obviously the fun activities we organize like festivals or just like Cantonese lessons. No I don't speak Cantonese but I go for those lessons because they give them out to the migrant domestic workers. I guess just being out in the open with the workers and feeling like I'm part of them and them welcoming me and smiling when they see me - "Oh Tarie, you're here!" I think that's what excites me the most of my placement site, that

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