Isabelle Intl GMF Story Clip 2 for Social

December 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Isabelle Mbako Matshik , International GMF Serving in Ireland

Can you share an example of positive change you have seen in your community through your work?

Isabelle Mbako Matshik : Some Catholic children come to our events that we organize. We have Methodists and also churches working together to provide food banks, like create a space where people in need can come and get some food for themselves to eat and for their families. That has been a positive thing that I have seen. And also having - we have youth groups, but we interchange churches, we gather at the Methodist church and then later go to Presbyterian church and Catholic and just like that, we rotate around the community. All that just to create a oneness, to create a space where we don't have to think about the denomination where we come from, but we have one body of Christ. Thank you

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