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September 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm a and me being a business student was taught a lot from finance to marketing operations. But I was always curious about one topic. And after graduation, my business mind had a lot of it, but none of them were innovative or actually made sense or actually were executed. So through a friend, I got to know about it. Internationally recognized to it was Innovation Center. I went to the website and given more to get an idea and I realized I was lacking a lot of knowledge about them. They offered a research study program, which was really interesting and it made me more curious to know what was in the post lectures. They offered the post was quite detailed and I, it was one of the posts. Actually, I had a lot of doubts with Professor Bank. Cleared out the certification came my mindset and I got to learn a lot of things which I never ever knew and it was really unique and I believe every student should get an opportunity to learn as a business student. I suggest everyone watching this video to sign up now. Thank you.

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