Google Cloud Startup Summit - Ryan Kiskis

May 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ryan Kiskis , the director of the startup ecosystem here at Google Cloud. Our team's mission is to enable all startups with the tools and resources they need to build, grow and scale with Google Cloud I'm super excited for the Startup Summit as a chance for all of you to gather and we can share with you some of the updates we've got on our programs and our offerings, some of the latest things some of our most passionate customers are doing and also bring some of the most passionate Googlers to share some of their advice and thoughts about how to help all of you get to the next stage of your startup. You know, I think back to some of the advice I got early on when I was a startup founder and you know, really come back to thinking ahead, trying to look around some of the corners that might be coming for you and that company, you obviously want to move fast to get your product out there, get your customers do that, but think about how you can be positioning yourself for those next steps beyond for your best success. So I'm looking forward to having you join us all in on June 2nd for our Startup Summit. I'll see you there

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