Meichen Zhou for Google Cloud Startup Summit

May 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Meichen Zhou, Software Engineering Manger, Streak

Meichen Zhou: Hi, my name is Meichen I'm an Engineering Manager from Streak. Streak is a CRM tool that's built into your gmail, which helps small to medium sized businesses with their fundraising, sales, hiring and other day to day work flows.

Meichen Zhou: I'll be part of the session app development is everything for early startups along with our CEO we will be talking about how we went from seed funding, to profitability without the need to raise additional capital and how we use our tech stack to make it possible.

Meichen Zhou: What the Startup Summit excites me the most is that you get to meet and connect with many other founders that, with all kinds of different backgrounds, and then you can hear all their great stories.

Meichen Zhou: The one piece of advice I would give to startup founders is to build an actual product quickly and continuously iterating on the product development by hiring the right talent who can use the right tools and attack at the right time to help you find the product market fit as early as possible.

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