Keith Lee for Google Cloud Startup Summit - Speaker Videos

May 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keith Lee, Director of Account Management, Swit

Keith Lee: My name is Keith and I'm the director of account management at Swit. Swit is a work OS that allows you to build flexible workflows that combines our collaboration essentials with Google Workspace, letting you access chat, tasks, Gmail, Google Drive and more all from a single platform.

Keith Lee: I will be presenting with Tony Safoian CEO of SADA and we will be discussing collaboration essentials and scaling your startup with Google Workspace. We're going to talk about how we navigate the growing pains of information silos and communication overhead, and maintain transparency and alignment while we scale our growth.

Keith Lee: At Swit, our mission is to re humanize work. We're excited to join Startup Summit to connect with other startups to join us on this mission.

What is one piece of advice you would give to startup founders?

Keith Lee: Don't procrastinate on building scalable workflows and don't let your own success take you by surprise.

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