BT & Google Cloud news announcement

March 14, 2022

Adrian Joseph, Chief Data and AI Officer at BT, joins Laurence Lafont to discuss BT and Google Cloud's 10 year strategic partnership.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Laurence Lafont, VP industry EMEA, Google Cloud. Adrian Joseph, Chief Data and AI Officer, BT

What news does BT & Google Cloud have to share?

Laurence Lafont: I'm proud to share that Google Cloud and BT have formed a strategic partnership for their group wide data and AI transformation. Through our partnership BT is undertaking a massive digital transformation through its BT digital units.

Why is data & AI transformation important for BT?

Adrian Joseph: I'm Adrian Joseph, the Chief Data and AI Officer for BT. We've been in existence for 178 years now. Not many FTSE 100 companies or S&P 500 companies can claim that level of achievement, but we're not going to remain relevant unless we really transform digitally with data and AI for the next 10 years.

Why did BT select Google Cloud?

Adrian Joseph: We decided to use Google Cloud because we're looking for a partnership that goes deeper than the technology level and included cultural dimensions as well. This partnership is really going to help digital as a whole, supercharge BT and drive a return to growth and keep us relevant for the next 178 years.

Adrian Joseph: Our partnership with Google is one of a series of strategic moves that BT digital is taking to help accelerate BT's growth and our digital transformation.

How will Google Cloud support BT's digital transformation?

Laurence Lafont: Under the partnership, we will help BT unlock hundreds of new business use cases to strengthen its ambitions around digital offerings and creating hyper personalized customer engagements. BT's data transformation is centered around driving business outcomes and using AI and deep machine learning across the organization to allow businesses and customers to make more data-led decisions.

How will BT build a tech-co culture?

Adrian Joseph: The digital way, which focuses on customer obsession and winning with tech, is right at the heart of our digital transformation. It's how we will deliver our strategy and build a tech-co culture to modernize our entire business.

How will Google Cloud support BT's cultural transformation?

Laurence Lafont: Access to Google Cloud site reliability engineering experts will also help drive the cultural change needed to enable ability to operate the data and AI platform in the cloud and at scale.

Laurence Lafont: Together, we have an incredible opportunity to create real value leveraging BT's position as one of the UK's leading networks and Google's history of innovation and commitment to security, technology, progressiveness and open collaborative approaches.

Laurence Lafont: At Google Cloud, we are really proud to partner closely with communication service providers like BT to deliver value to people across the United Kingdom and beyond.

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