Flooid using Google Cloud Platform

March 09, 2022

Flooid's CTO discusses why the company chose Google Cloud as its cloud solution.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eric Bilange

What does Flooid do and what is your role there?

Flooid is a unified commerce platform, that offers an all one approach to multi channel, if you will commerce. So we offer this service and cloud to retailers and they can leverage all the APIs and services of the platform to implement on their website for their online presence and social media itself. And we also additionally provide some endpoints, for the traditional point of sale, the mobile point of sale for store associates, and also self-checkout technologies for consumers to to transact themselves in the store. So with our set of APIs that we we host and manage for retailers, you can literally implement all the known omnichannel scenarios that you as a customer have been exposed to today. I'm the Chief Technology Officer for Flooid responsible for product development and delivery, as well as the hosted solutions.

Why did Flooid choose Google Cloud?

So why did Flooid choose Google Cloud? That's a very good question and that was not in the beginning, it was not an easy choice. And in fact it was not an immediate choice. We wanted to try and stay cloud agnostic in the beginning, but very rapidly we uncovered that Google Cloud offered simplicity, scale and robustness and that's what really seduced us and motivated us to stay close to Google Cloud as we develop the relationship with Google Cloud we found, that in fact we could develop a partnership and and get very, very useful and precious advices from, from the Google team. And yeah, I mean that's what's crystallized our choice going forward. So if I have to summarize, I think there was a fit with our technology to begin with and the the selection was progressive. And now we are we're happy with with with this choice in the sense that again, what was of primary importance with the the global footprints, the robustness, the simplicity of the stack, the ease of use of the tools and there is no bad surprise.

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