Tom Morris for Global Customer Programs Video Testimonials

April 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom Morris, Head of Data, Pirate.com

What does Pirate do and what is your role there?

Tom Morris: I'm Tommy and I'm head of Data Pirate dot com. We provide self service studios for musicians, dancers, and podcasters. We want everyone to be able to use our studios and scaling to serve every artist 24/7 means we need to harness our data. My job is to make sure this data is well governed and available for analytics machine learning so that we can use it to drive the decisions that help us grow.

Why did Pirate choose Google Cloud?

Tom Morris: In choosing a platform for our analytics and machine learning needs, we need to find the right balance of configurability and serverless operation. After trying google cloud, we found that it hit the sweet spot and provides the right tools for us to create our data products rapidly. But with the flexibility to tailor them to our needs for us with big query as our data warehouse and vertex aI is our Ml platform. We don't have to worry about provisioning and configuring service to get new projects up and running.

What has Pirate achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Tom Morris: Switching to big query for our data warehouse reduced the average query time and simplified our analytics infrastructure, all while saving on cost vertex A. I helped to spin up an accurate auto enabling model for our customer feedback and also gave us the ml ops tools to serve it. We have also built a self service analytics platform with look at the heart of it.

What does Pirate hope to achieve working with Google Cloud?

Tom Morris: We want to bring our studios to cities all over the world, putting the tools and support for the artists and help them to connect with audiences. I'm sure google Cloud will be a great partner to help us achieve this, and I'm really excited to see what challenges we can overcome together next.

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