Tal Morgenstern, Vulcan Cyber for Spotlight on ISVs

March 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tal Morgenstern, Co-Founder & CSO, Vulcan Cyber

How are you innovating to disrupt your industry?

Tal Morgenstern: Vulcan cyber is disrupting cyber security by providing complete cyber risk management solutions to help organizations eliminate vulnerabilities in their networks and systems. Our platform integrates with a variety of security tools to identify, prioritize, and fix vulnerabilities in real time with minimal manual intervention. This leads to more efficient and effective vulnerability management, and reduces the risk for organizations.

What key ingredients do you need in place to make this happen?

Tal Morgenstern: We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations in managing vulnerabilities, understanding the processes, business context and the risks that organizations face. Secondly, a cutting edge technology that integrates with a variety of security tools and provides the real time remediation solutions. This is required to keep the pace with a constantly evolving threat landscape. Thirdly, a team of experts with expertise in both cybersecurity and AI to constantly innovate and improve the platform to stay ahead of the latest threats.

You've recently launched your solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace what have been some of the benefits you’ve perceived?

Tal Morgenstern: The Google Cloud Marketplace provides a wide reach to a large and diverse customer base allowing us to expand our footprint in the cybersecurity industry. Secondly, Google Cloud Marketplace is a trusted platform which provides customers with confidence and simplicity when purchasing our solution. Lastly, the Marketplace makes it easy for customers to find and try our solution, which is key to increasing adoption and recognition of Vulcan Cyber as a leader in our field. Overall, the launch on the Google Cloud Marketplace has been a key step in our journey to disrupt the cyber security industry and help organizations manage risk in a more effective way.

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