Navid Nadali at Corefinity for Corefinity using Google Cloud

August 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Navid Nadali, Technical Director, Corefinity

What does Corefinity do and what is your role there?

Navid Nadali: Corefinity is a fully managed ecommerce, specialized hosting company. As one of the directors, I am responsible for the engineering and the development teams, and ultimately, the technical strategy of the company. We currently host and manage hundreds of ecommerce websites worldwide, specializing in platforms such as Magento, Shopware and VueStoreFront. With a keen focus on performance and scalability, we've been able to help our customers grow exponentially over the past seven years.

Why did Corefinity choose Google Cloud?

Navid Nadali: Corefinity is actually a platform agnostic cloud native provider. And what this means is we are certified and use the top five cloud providers worldwide, including Google Cloud Platform. We find Google Cloud to be the faster, slightly cheaper and most certainly the most reliable cloud platform of all the different providers we use on a daily basis. Most of my engineers before Google Cloud, due to the clarity of the solution, both from a high level UI standpoint, as well as a very low level CLI and technical standpoint.

What has Corefinity achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Navid Nadali: Corefinity has been able to build a completely scalable yet highly complex ecommerce stack on top of the Google Cloud Platform. Our stack not only scales, but it does so in seconds with no upper limit yet found. The flexibility of the solution means that we have been able to host some of the most complex multi platform applications and do so securely and efficiently. Corefinity's stack built on top of Google Cloud Platform is today responsible for billions of pounds of ecommerce turnover for our clients and a multi zone solution offers our clients their resiliency that not only they require but that they deserve. But here's something even more important, so far we've talked about the biggest clients and the enterprise solutions, but the more importantly because of the low entry level, the transparency in pricing and ultimately the flexibility of a stack and the Google Cloud Platform, today I'm able to offer the same scalability to my smallest clients that we're able to the largest. I've been doing this for 15 years day in and day out, and the truth is the solutions we are able to put into place today for our clients used to be reserved for the biggest enterprise multinationals. But today, thanks to the tens of thousands of hours of R&D and the flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform, I'm able to offer the same enterprise solution to the smallest local companies we worked with from the biggest multinationals. To the smallest pet shop owned by the lovely lady, less than 20 miles from us, to the family owned art shop down the road in the heart of Yorkshire. We're able to offer all clients a cost effective, yet enterprise level solution. And to me, that is freedom.

What does Corefinity hope to achieve working with Google Cloud?

Navid Nadali: We would like to continue to empower small, medium and large ecommerce companies to take control of their website and infrastructure. We believe that as a business owner, just as you own your business, you should own your ecommerce website and infrastructure. Whilst yesterday it might have been hard and expensive to operate on a scalable ecommerce website, those days are over and today, with the flexibility of our stack built on top of the Google Cloud Platform, this could not be easier.

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