TK Test Video

January 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Missy Woolstenhulme, Producer, Google

Missy Woolstenhulme: Tell me about your most successful breakfast menu and what technology you use to execute your meal.

Lisa Loopner: My most successful breakfast menu always consists of eggs, pancakes and bacon, but I use technology to predict the days trending ingredients to influence the flavor profile. The guests will best respond to How

Missy Woolstenhulme: How do you use Ai to help you select your wardrobe based on the weather

Lisa Loopner: The app, called sweater weather, makes wardrobe suggestions based on the predicted fluctuations in both temperature and humidity for that day, in which textiles in my wardrobe will promote the greatest and most consistent levels of comfort, based on my own body heat and perspiration rates.

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