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June 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Burt

What does your company do and what is your role there?

Quantexa is a global decision intelligence software company that empowers organizations to make trusted operational decisions. We provide software that allows our customers to easily use into resolution and network intelligence to connect data at scale into truly single views. Context supports the entire value chain across a variety of industries, from financial services to government and many, many in between. My name is Dave, I head up a cloud platform team here. At Quantexa, we provide services on GCP for our customers, as well as using GCP to underpin all of our software development for the Quantexa platform.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Quantexa started using GCP about five years ago. As then a relatively small startup. We've used quite a lot of the other major cloud providers and sample the more effectively we worked out that Google was the best fit for us on a technology perspective. We had a relatively new software stack for the context of platform. It was very container and container based, so making use of GKE as this sort of leading kubernetes platform at the time was effectively one of the best things for us. We also, as part of our entire resolution and network analytics capability make quite a lot of use of big data technologies. So some of the offerings that google had on that front were also really good for us. Um we also really liked how developer friendly google is. So a lot of our devoPS engineers really enjoy working with Google and actually find it a lot easier to get along and get more done quickly with. More recently, we've been developing our partnership with Google. They've been helping us on a whole number of different fronts in terms of developing our go to market strategy and also represent a really good new sales channel for us.

What have you achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

In the five years I've been using GCP, we've been on quite a bit of a journey. So we started off using GCP with just a handful of developers for our internal software development needs. And actually now we've moved from having a handful of environments to having tens of environments, hundreds of servers that serve a variety of our business needs across the GCP cloud estate that we have magnetically. I guess we actually now use GCP to offer the ability for our clients to get hands on with the Quantexa of platform to allow them to basically use all of the intimate resolution and network analytics techniques that the platform can offer in a really secure environment. That's now SOC2 to certified that's all the stuff we do internally. But the other stuff we work with google on is quite a lot of work where our clients are using GCP to run on their own estates and effectively solve their own business problems. Probably one of the highlights of this is where we've been working with HSBC and Google directly. And obviously HSBC have vast amounts of data. So being able to support HSBC and building foreign financial crime solutions using both the GCP stack and the context of stack to effectively create a solution that's the best of both worlds

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