Marshall Jung from Tabnine for Spotlight on ISVs

April 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marshall Jung, Solutions Architect, Tabnine

How are you innovating to disrupt your industry?

Marshall Jung: Tabnine is an AI pair programming tool meant to help developers become more productive in their everyday tasks directly in the IDE. We are dedicated to the enterprise market by offering an ethically, fully permissive open source train model backed by a number of interesting features such as inline suggestions, comment to code and test generation Tabnine trains and hosts own models and infrastructure as well as offers VPC and on prem options for customers to meet their security and compliance requirements.

What key ingredients do you need in place to make this happen?

Marshall Jung: Software tools are only useful developers. If these tools are performant, scalable, and affordable. Google Cloud offers first in class Kubernetes management that scales Tabnine SAS offerings as well as worldwide low latency networking that brings the experience to the developers IDE where milliseconds count. And for our VPC based customers, Google Cloud offers competitive pricing, easy support and rollout to get Tabnine to every developer quickly.

You've recently launched your solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace what have been some of the benefits you’ve perceived?

Marshall Jung: Google Cloud Marketplace offers Tabnine an integrated way for enterprise customers to purchase and deploy our service on top of an infrastructure we know will deliver maximum performance. As a startup. We can't waste time building an end to end solution for customers to purchase and deploy. We want to focus on our product. Google Cloud Marketplace serves that complimentary partner that allows us to focus on what we do best while not worrying that our customers will not get top notch service. And for that, let's hit my hat.

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