Marcus Soulsby for Global Customer Programs Video Testimonials

April 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marcus Soulsby, CMO, Plutus

What does your company do and what is your role there?

Marcus Soulsby: Hi, my name is Marcus and I'm the CMO Plutus, which is a finance app and debit card that focuses on rewarding its customers. So every time a customer spends with their Plutus card, they'll earn up to 8% of that purchase back in crypto rewards. We also offer a range of perks, things like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime where customers can earn bonus rewards at. And so it's a very similar model to brands like American Express, except we've focused on higher reward rates and more flexible perks.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Marcus Soulsby: So we chose Google Cloud as we felt the team was putting a lot of effort into adding value to us. So they placed a lot more emphasis on the long term savings, real-life security solutions, and we didn't feel that the alternatives we outreached to were delivering that kind of value. And even after the contract has been signed, we felt like the aftercare has been really strong.

What have you achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Marcus Soulsby: The first thing would be the financial savings. Since we switched to Google Cloud, we've cut our costs by around 25%. Which at scale, can amount to quite a lot. Second would probably be the enhanced security. So the crypto sector is rife with cybercrime. That's one thing we really want to stay on top of, we've got a lot more confidence in the encrypted data side of things. and the security measures that Google Cloud offers. Thirdly would be mitigating latency. So it's been five months since we switched so far that the platform has been very smooth and quick to respond too.

What are your future plans for working with Google Cloud?

Marcus Soulsby: So over the last 12 months, our user base has grown by around 300%. And with that, our cloud computing needs have spiked quite heavily at times. So, one of the key benefits with Google Cloud is that flexibility of their pricing model. It's adapted very well to our personal needs. And I hope as we continue to scale, we can continue to benefit from that flexibility.

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