Anything World moves to Google Cloud

March 24, 2022

Gisel Armando, CTO at Anything World, discusses why the company chose Google Cloud, the benefits they've seen and what Anything World hopes to achieve in the future.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gisel Armando, Chief Technology Officer, Anything World

What does Anything World do and what is your role there?

Gisel Armando: Anything World is a platform that enables developers and content creators to build interactive 3D experiences up to 40% faster and more cost effective than anyone else. Thanks to the power of AI. We use machine learning systems to automatically rig and animate otherwise static 3D models, and we have a library with thousands of ready to use models as well as implementing NLP voice systems to create 3D environments with your voice. My role at Anything World is Chief Technology Officer and I've been involved since early days building the architectural solutions for a platform, which relied heavily on GCP.

Why did Anything World choose Google Cloud?

Gisel Armando: Google Cloud provides great incentives for startups, and being a part of Techstar's incubator, we were geared towards this ecosystem from the start. The tech solutions, the user experience, as well as customer service are great and the pricing is sharp. You've got global infrastructure, Compute, Storage and more. It's an ecosystem where you can find the tools to achieve anything your project needs in a cohesive way.

What has Anything World achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Gisel Armando: While using Google Cloud solutions, we've been able to orchestrate all our services in one place and make them secure. GCP also makes it easy to monitor our infrastructure and deal with data handling. The initial setup of our first application was straightforward, and we carried on from there, we use Google Cloud Storage, Google App Engine and we recently migrated to Cloud Run, as well as integrating with Dialogflow and many many other APIs. that help our services thrive, achieving 99% up time.

What does Anything World hope to achieve working with Google Cloud?

Gisel Armando: At the moment, we are a small startup with big dreams, so as we scale, we hope to continue using Google Cloud solutions to best serve our customers. We're looking into Google Kubernetes Engine as a potential next step.

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