Emelie Kennegård & Zoe Tang

September 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zoe Tang & Emelie Kennegård

Zoe Tang & Emelie Kennegård: Hello! We are your dedicated Google Cloud team. My name is Emelie Kennegård, and I'm your Account Manager. Hi, My name is Zoe Tang, and I'm your Solution Architect. We are here to support you accelerate your business. Do you want to be AI and data driven and get real time insights for your business? Do you want to improve your infrastructure's availability and scalability? BigQuery can actually help you to process your petabyte data in minutes instead of traditional way, which might take days, Kubernetes can help you to manage your clusters and automate the whole process in seconds instead of traditional ways that could take days. So if you're interested, please book a meeting with us. Bye bye!

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