Olvin moves to Google Cloud

March 21, 2022

Ella Walters, VP of AI at Olvin discusses the company's move to Google Cloud.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ella Walters, VP of AI, Olvin

What does Olvin do and what is your role there?

Ella Walters: Hi, I'm Ella Walters the VP of AI at Olvin Olvin's mission is to become the most trusted source of predictive consumer foot traffic in the world. We do this by analyzing billions of data points on a daily basis, and with this we give our clients the opportunity to understand where consumers have been in the past, and also where they're likely to go in the future.

Why did Olvin choose Google Cloud?

Ella Walters: We decided to use Google Cloud for three main reasons. The first being the technologies that were available. We use a lot of machine learning and very large volumes data. I needed a way of combining all of this in one place, in a simple and easy to use way. Second, we wanted help answering questions, making sure that the processes we were using as a start up with the most efficient and optimal. Which leads us on to our third point to help keep costs down. We wanted to make sure that all of our pipelines in place could be scalable and cost efficient. And Google Cloud helped us do this by reducing our current costs by 30%.

What has Olvin achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Ella Walters: Since using Google Cloud, Olvin has achieved more efficient pipelines using Airflow much faster data processing, using BigQuery, better onboarding of team members and getting them up to speed a lot quicker, thanks to the support offered. And at the same time, all of this, we've kept in the budget and kept our costs down.

What does Olvin hope to achieve working with Google Cloud?

Ella Walters: As a fast growing company, we're always increasing the data volumes that we're providing. With GCP, we want to ensure that we scale our pipelines efficiently to ensure we provide the best service to our clients.

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