Donna Stevens at Flooid for Global Customer Programs Video Testimonials

July 14, 2022

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Video Transcript

Speaker: Donna Stevens, Senior VP Product and Marketing Management, Flooid

What does your company do and what is your role there?

Donna Stevens: Flooid provides retail and hospitality businesses with a unified commerce platform, interactive touch points and business intelligence analytics as well as professional and support services, essentially a complete solution to conduct commerce. We host and manage an open ecosystem of service A.P.Is, enabling clients to implement best of breed selling solutions connected to their upstream, downstream and e-commerce environment Flooid enables our customers to transform their businesses and adapt to the Omni-channel digital, fast and flexible world of shopping the consumers demand. I'm Donna Stevens, the Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing Management at Flooid, overseeing our product strategy, communications and evolutionary roadmap.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Donna Stevens: Selecting Google Cloud for Flooid was not the easy or immediate choice. For our clients, we wanted to remain cloud agnostic initially, but very rapidly, we found that Google Cloud offered simplicity, scale and robustness incenting us to narrow our focus and to link our strategy to GCP. As we developed the relationship with Google Cloud, we found that it was a partnership that brought with it the bonus of valuable advice from the Google team. We saw a clear alignment with our technology and uncovered along the way, additional benefits of knowledge, insights and support that reinforced that we've made the right choice. For Flooid, Google Cloud fulfilled our primary objectives with the global footprint, the robustness, the simplicity of the stack, the ease of use of the tools and a predictable and reliable level of performance.

What have you achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Donna Stevens: By leveraging Google Cloud solutions, Flooid has a flexible, reliable, scalable native cloud offering for customers to achieve their goals of operational efficiency and effectiveness. We're seeing real results from our partnership with Google Cloud shaping the modernization of retail systems for our customers, empowering them to evolve and measure their operations with less time and lower cost, using accurate, timely monitoring capabilities. Beyond that, Flooid gained efficiency, using Google Cloud tools to keep our pre sales environment up to date with the latest product releases, accelerating product development and bringing innovations to the market more rapidly.

What are your future plans for working with Google Cloud?

Donna Stevens: Flooid plans to expand engagement with our global customer base to leverage the power of GCP in their stores, enabling them to scale and innovate faster to stay ahead of their competition. We're excited to explore the extended toolkit that Google Cloud offers us in support of Flooid's one platform, limitless possibilities tagline, in truth the impact we have on the markets we serve will continue to strengthen and grow through our leverage of Google Cloud.

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