Christoph Gmeiner for Global Customer Programs Video Testimonials

July 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christoph Gmeiner, Head of Data & Analytics, PPRO

What does your company do and what is your role there?

Christoph Gmeiner: PPRO is the leading digital payment infrastructure provider, our platform lets customers launch and orchestrate essential payment finance and risk products from a single no code interface. My role is to enable and train all PPRO employees to reach the highest level of data, maturity and literacy, meaning that everyone in PPRO can achieve the best decisions and understanding of the business as possible without being dependent on others so self service as much as possible.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Christoph Gmeiner: We were looking for a new infrastructure provider for creating an environment which meets our analytical requirements. These requirements included being able to operate with big data in near real time as possible. The serverless services, for example, Big Query as offered by Google Cloud, paired with the very simple ingestion options where the solutions, which best suited our needs. Also, the way that GCP makes it very easy to operate in a hybrid cloud environment was highly beneficial for us. Additionally, we received great support from Google engineers and its partners.

What have you achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Christoph Gmeiner: By now we've successfully created an analytical infrastructure in GCP in a hybrid cloud environment. Together with AWS. This way, we are able to offer our stakeholders a highly efficient solution for doing maintained and self service based analytics on all business areas and create sophisticated data products. We were able to decrease deployment times concerning data pipelines by around 25% due to the way that GCP services are set up.

What are your future plans for working with Google Cloud?

Christoph Gmeiner: We definitely want to keep up and intensify our relationship with Google Cloud. 2022 will focus on stabilizing the infrastructure. After that, we'll start creating the first machine learning based data products, leveraging the GCP services like Vertex AI pick very Ml and others. We will also focus on building first data products for our customers and reforming the analytical UI, potentially leveraging Google Looker. Additionally, some other engineering teams will start dipping their toes into GCP For other and specifically operational use cases.

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