Avi Rubin, Granulate for Spotlight on ISVs

June 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Avi Rubin, Solutions Engineer / Vibe Manager, Granulate

How are you innovating to disrupt your industry?

Avi Rubin: Hi, I'm Avi, a Solutions Engineer at Granulate, an Intel company. Granulate is disrupting the industry by introducing a novel approach to reducing compute and big data costs. We do that by optimizing performance at the runtime level without the need of any code changes. This allows our customers to run their existing workloads with up to 45% fewer resources, in turn reducing their cost.

What key ingredients do you need in place to make this happen?

Avi Rubin: At granulate, several key ingredients have enabled our success. First, an innovative team of creative thinkers. We have some incredibly talented folks who are always pushing the boundaries and finding new ways for our customers to reduce their spend. Second, as an Intel company, we operate with the perfect balance of startup-like agility and innovation with the backing of a Fortune 50 company. This allows us to be completely focused on our customer needs and supercharges our efforts. And third, a strong partnership with Google Cloud. We have partnered with Google Cloud because you all also share the customer-first approach. We share the belief that an optimized customer is a happy customer.

What have been some of the benefits you’ve perceived since launching on the Google Cloud Marketplace?

Avi Rubin: Since launching our solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace, we've experienced a streamlined and simplified sales process, significantly cutting our sales cycle time. The Marketplace enables a faster and more streamlined adoption of our solution, and being in the Marketplace is crucial in becoming a strong solution provider which allows us to dominate the ecosystem.

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