Annika Nevaste

September 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Annika Nevaste, Head of Digital Natives

Annika Nevaste: Hey there, my name is Annika and I'm heading the Digital Native team in the Nordic region for Google Cloud. Digital Native for us means the startups, the scale ups, todays and tomorrows unicorns, typically born after 2000 and build cloud native. So me and my team are here to support our clients to build a thriving and sustainable business with intelligent and proven tech that helps you move pretty fast. We are also keen to discuss the exciting possibilities there is for joint, go to market and growing together with Google. One of the key challenges we come across to with our clients, is to get there more solutions and products faster to the market and reduce the lead time and generate more business value. It really means getting rid of the non productive time. The key here is simplicity and this is why we are very, very keen to showcase that with Google Cloud, you can increase your productivity, multi-fold. Everything you need is built in. In my mind, our key differentiator is the unique way we engage with our clients, the Google way. So I'm very much looking forward to catching up with you. Let's get solving together

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