Rightmove announces its move to Google Cloud

November 17, 2021

Rightmove’s Head of Technology Operations announces its move to Google Cloud Platform, with the aim of Rightmove building better experiences through use of data and reducing time to production.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Tate, Head of Technology Operations, Rightmove

What is Rightmove and how does it help its customers?

Andrew Tate: Rightmove is the UK's number one property website, and our mission is simple. Make home moving easier. In 2020 our app and website saw over a billion minutes from people looking to find the right property for them. We've had a bumper year with over 100 of our busiest days ever in the last 12 months.

Why is improving Rightmove’s technology stack important?

Andrew Tate: We're no stranger to innovation here at Rightmove, we've got really smart and dedicated teams running a heavily code driven multi-data center infrastructure and a high velocity CI/CD platform. However, we're always trying to produce better products and better services for our customers, and consumers and to do that we needed to take our technology platform to the next level. This meant finding a solution that would enable more agility and more velocity for our product and platform teams in a highly efficient way, all while trying to deliver on our sustainability goals.

Why did Rightmove choose to work with Google Cloud?

Andrew Tate: There were four key factors for us when choosing Google Cloud, we wanted to reduce time to production and hence time to market. We wanted to reduce the overheads and complexity of running a 1000 plus containers at any time. We wanted to enable our teams to build better products and better experiences through better use of data. And Google's commitment to 24/7 carbon free energy by 2030, aligns with our goals of getting to net zero. Using GKE, Google's managed service for Kubernetes we'll be able to efficiently manage all of our containers, build and deliver new services faster, automate upgrades and importantly in scale in line with traffic peaks.

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