Oren Razon, Superwise for Spotlight on ISVs

April 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oren Razon , CEO & Co-Founder, Superwise

How are you innovating to disrupt your industry?

Oren Razon : Machine Learning is in an insane growth trajectory. But understanding how models make decisions or even more importantly, when they are misbehaving is far from being straightforward. This is precisely what Superwise solves. Our observability platform helps business to monitor, analyze, explain, and govern the entire stack at any stage from data ingestion to experiment tracking and all the way to real world predictions.

What key ingredients do you need in place to make this happen?

Oren Razon : Building an ML application is a life cycle. That life cycle needs a rich diverse ecosystem of technology patterns to deliver value to practitioners and enable market growth. Google Cloud and Vertex in specific have been a leader in this space, both in terms of accelerating ML ops adoption and in collaborating with best of breed players like Superwise to provide customized ML ops solutions for the enterprise.

You've recently launched your solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace what have been some of the benefits you’ve perceived?

Oren Razon : We are really excited to have Superwise on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With Vertex, one of the leading envelopes platforms on the market having advanced ML monitoring capabilities baked in, that will help companies to streamline their entire envelopes proof. We've already seen a lot of interest from our customer base and expect this demand even to continue and grow together with our new offering on the Marketplace.

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