Jamie Scott at Fifty Global Customer Programs Video Testimonials - Fifty

October 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jamie Scott, CTO and Co-founder, Fifty

What does your company do and what is your role there?

Jamie Scott: Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm the CTO and co-founder of Fifty. Fifty works with some of the largest brands and agencies to help them visualize, understand and reach audiences at scale. The Fifty platform uses the latest AI Machine Learning technologies to uncover previously unseen patterns within groups of customers. These audiences are then directly reached across multiple digital channels. This is all achieved in a cohesive privacy focused way.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Jamie Scott: Firstly, security. By combining Google Cloud identity and access management along with Workspaces, this gives us a centralized system to manage permissions across the entire organization. They also provide powerful tools to constantly monitor Fifty's security posture. We're confident that our data is safe thanks to multiple levels of encryption from transit through to rest. Secondly, scalability and performance. Many of our services required globally accessible ultra low latency response times, along with dynamically scaling both of CPUs and GPUs. Google Cloud can always meet our processing needs no matter what we throw at it. Even during the global chip shortage. And finally, efficiency. By using BigQuery, Bigtable and Compute Engine, we can function with a lean DevOps team whilst maintaining a reliable, cost-effective infrastructure.

What have you achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Jamie Scott: We've been able to securely ingest and analyze petabytes of data and rapidly scale our systems to meet the demands of our growing business, while still achieving a 99.99% availability across the entire stack.

What are your future plans for working with Google Cloud?

Jamie Scott: Our focus at Fifty is to continue to push the boundaries of innovation, specifically within the areas of AI, data privacy and confidential computing, to ultimately drive ethical high-performance advertising for our clients. During the seven years we've worked together, Google Cloud has always taken onboard our feedback. We believe this is what enables Google to continue to build the best in class products by addressing our needs and supporting our vision.

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