More insights from the new global IDG report: How the pandemic reshaped digital business agendas

April 22, 2021

A new global survey explores how COVID-19 changed the nature of IT, and how lessons from the pandemic are reshaping digital business agendas.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Howard Blumenstein, Sr. Manager of Platform Product Marketing

What will truly drive innovation as organizations tap into the transformative capabilities of cloud computing?

Howard Blumenstein: Based on insights from the report, intelligence tools will be a driver of transformation. Data, and what companies do with that data, helps companies make real, tangible change. Data powers deeper, AI-driven business insights, helps companies make better real-time decisions, and forms the basis for how companies build and run their applications. The research found that nearly half of digitally forward organizations are using data analytics, AI/ML, and IOT technologies. This is nearly 20% more than their more conservative peers.

What role can IT play in helping companies meet their sustainability goals?

Howard Blumenstein: The report showed that sustainability was important for almost all respondents, but far fewer actually have sustainability targets in place. Public cloud can help organizations meet their sustainability targets. Google creates tools and invests in technology to help create a carbon- free future for everyone. Google cloud has purchased enough renewable energy to cover our entire operations, which allows us to operate the cleanest cloud in the industry. When running on Google Cloud, a customer's usage is net carbon neutral, and electricity used is matched 100% with renewable energy.

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