Marco Volpato for Actions & Integrations

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marco Volpato, Loqode.com

Introduce yourself! What's your name, role, and company?

Marco Volpato: My name is Marco and I'm the founder of Loqode.com.

How are you using actions & integrations today? How has it impacted your work?

Marco Volpato: I mean, I use Actions and Integrations throughout obviously all of my projects and the ability to first off have an action that can be reused many times throughout the app allows for really easy maintenance and really easy upgrading of not just the apps that I've built, but the apps my students are building as well as any client work I'm doing. So it's really, really handy and obviously, the integrations just extends the capabilities of Glide like to a point where it's getting ridiculous. It's so so powerful.

Bonus: What's your favorite new integration?

Marco Volpato: I have two favorites right now. Obviously, the OpenAI integration is huge. In the boot camp, I'm teaching my students how to build a CRM that helps them onboard clients and send contracts and send emails, cold emails, sales emails, that sort of stuff. So having that AI accessible right there within is just super, super handy and then obviously just something simple like the Google calendar integration, which allows them to log any strategy calls that they've booked, anything like that. So at the moment those two, but I'm sure that's gonna evolve over time.

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