Jesus for Actions & Integrations

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jesus, LowCode Agency

Introduce yourself! What's your name, role, and company?

Jesus: Hey there, my name is Jesus and I'm the founder of LowCode agency.

How are you using actions & integrations today? How has it impacted your work?

Jesus: Hey there. My name is Jesus and I'm the founder of LowCode agency. We build apps for businesses and MVPs using no and low code tools.

Jesus: We've been using Actions and compound actions since Glide released that feature months ago. However, now with the action editor, we're taking our actions to the next level, we are reusing multiple actions which allows us to build apps faster and better. And we have one centralized place where we can see everything that we've done in terms of automation, see logs and be able to integrate multiple other tools that previously we had to use a third party software in order to use them.

Bonus: What's your favorite new integration?

Jesus: For our business, the Slack integration is a really cool feature. We've been sending updates to our different Slack channels to keep the whole team updated in terms of what's going on at our company. For most of our users, they really like the push notifications as well as the OpenAI integration. I think that's really powerful and allows us to get really insightful data from large datasets from large databases.

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