Allan Edmond for Actions & Integrations

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allan Edmond, XsMind

Introduce yourself! What's your name, role, and company?

Allan Edmond: Hey there. It's Alan. I'm co-founder of XsMind, a digital agency based in the Caribbean and Canada.

How are you using actions & integrations today? How has it impacted your work?

Allan Edmond: So let's start with Integrations. So far, we've integrated with Gmail to send branded emails, Intercom to include the chat inside the apps, DIscord to send in-channel notifications, Google Maps and Radar for location aware applications to track location, complete addresses, extract GPS, coordinates, etc, and obviously and OpenAI to generate content like recipes, generate images, and also improve the overall end user experience by having customized chatbots for my apps. Regarding Actions, the editor has been a real game changer. Now I am able to retrieve all the actions that I have in one place really well organized. I'm able to duplicate them to update them along the way. Before I would do a button that just show a form. And now even this single action, I would always create a custom action for it so that I have access to it in the future. I can update it. I can add multiple steps before and after. I can change the table for the context. It's really been a big, big improvement overall. the builder experience in Glide.

Bonus: What's your favorite new integration?

Allan Edmond: I really like the Radar integration. But my favorite has to be OpenAI. It has been so much fun to use and so helpful for my customers. So on the admin side, they are able to generate content, generate images, and have so much help without having to go to a third party operator or a designer to generate quick assets that they need to use in their apps. But the best feature of all is for end users, we are literally able to create little assistant personalized to the context of the app to help end users ask questions, get recommendations or tips for the app within the context of the app without having to go elsewhere. And this is a huge added value for my customers.

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