April 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Upside streamlines knowledge access with Glean

What challenge were you facing prior to Glean?

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: So I don't think upsides like we're not unique, right? I think everybody has this issue where especially in startups where there is kind of this infinite number of tools and all of a sudden you bring in a knowledge manager or somebody to oversee how these tools are being used. And you're already so far down the runway with so many of these things that it's really hard to get your arms around it. For us, people couldn't find information that was by far the biggest challenge and issue. I feel like the pandemic really

What factors did you evaluate while searching for a solution?

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: I looked at a couple of things. One was how much of a reach would this have? So if it hit everyone in the company that has more value because then everyone can benefit from it versus just a small group. So that's a huge win. I was looking at how easy of an implementation it would be because that's the other piece of it. And that was, you know, that's one of the barriers to entry for a lot of tools is that it's requires a migration, it requires a lot of lift or a lot of time that most startups don't, we don't have time, we don't have people.

How was Glean different?

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: Glean is so easy to implement. Like I know I've said that before, but it is, I can't, I can't express it enough. How important that is that people not only was it easy to implement, but there is an intuitiveness to how the tool works that it requires very little push to get people interacted with it and be able to start using it.

Did you face any obstacles during the evaluation process with Glean?

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: I didn't get a surprising amount of push back on it. And I think it's because well, two things, one, we did a we did, we said we're gonna pilot this first, right? So that to me was why by the time we got to a point of signing a contract, we had so much data to be able to show the time, saved these key champions across the organization. Why they want. I mean, people were saying like, don't, don't take this away from me.

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: It's so valuable to my day to day. So we already had made it kind of sticky before we asked.

How would you describe Glean to others?

Elizabeth Vaggelatos: right? That old map like mall map, it creates that for everyone like start here. This is where you're,

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