Joe Cotant_Trade Show Testimonial

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

A trade-show testimonial with Joe Cotant

Joe Cotant: name and role, Hey everyone. I'm Joe Cotant. I'm a senior TPM supporting enterprise apps at Roblox.

What do you love about Glean?

Joe Cotant: Uh So why do you love Blane? I love Glean because Roblox has a very unique way in which they operate in terms of supporting whatever tools that allow innovation and bring teams together to collaborate. So we have a lot of disparate tools and systems that teams use. And so we came to Glean with a base case of enterprise search and uh it's met that and gone even beyond in terms of using Answers, Go Links, Collections and a lot of other features. So it's been awesome.

Could you share how you've recently delivered business value with Glean?

Joe Cotant: So I would talk about uh remote work requests. So when someone's applying to be remote at Roblox, at one point in time it was through email and then it went to Slack, then it went to a Confluence page, then it went to Zendesk and then it went to Jira Service Management. So it's bounced between all these different applications and Glean has been able to keep up to date where that question and where that resource has gone. Ultimately, my team owns Jira Service Management and owns the portal where you submit those requests. And we've, we've been able to see that knowledge transfer through these applications and Glean stays up to date and stays consistent with the user.

Does this save your team time?

Joe Cotant: Yeah, because our team, it's kind of been death by 1000 cuts in terms of customer support like it is with a lot of service orgs. And so that's cut down time within IT and HR specifically a lot.

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