Denna Nazem

August 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Denna Nazem, GKE Product Marketing, Google

What is your role?

Denna Nazem: Hi everyone, my name is Denna Nazem, and my role at Google Cloud is to help customers understand the powerful value of Kubernetes.

Explain GKE to a 6 year old.

Denna Nazem: As a six year old, I'm pretty sure you're pretty familiar with legos, so think of containers as lego blocks. You can basically use them to construct bigger and bigger things and with a managed service like GKE, think of like a robot swooping in and helping you manage those massive structures that you would struggle with creating on your own. The robot will handle all the hard tasks like find missing pieces and let it let you focus on the cool stuff. So GKE plays this role for software engineers too, handling crucial challenges like scale and security. And with the new autopilot mode of operation, provides hands off, fully managed experiences.

What excites you about GKE? What do you think the future will be for businesses using GKE?

Denna Nazem: I think what's really exciting to me about GKE is that the product has so so much impact in scale. The fact that all of Google actually runs on containers just shows you how much potential there really is. The future of the business is truly limitless, especially with the new autopilot mode of operation. It allows businesses to focus on what matters to them the most, and Google will take care of the rest. Super exciting to see how much that can really impact your innovation cycle, when you don't have to worry about cluster infrastructure, configuring monitoring anything like that.

What is your advice for folks getting started with K8s/GKE?

Denna Nazem: We have a lot of amazing resources for people who are just getting started. You should definitely check out our newest book that takes you through all the stages of the development journey. It will start from writing code to running in containers to learning all the best practices you need for operating and managing. It's also just a really great resource to continue to refer to as you progress along your on boarding journey. If you're more of like an auditory learner you want to kind of tuned into some webinars, we already have, we have an amazing onboard that will take you through the most useful tutorials, give you all the expert tips that you need from our very own developer advocate Kaslin Fields. You should definitely stay tuned for more access to Google Cloud's greatest kubernetes experts. You should tune into our upcoming webinars on Cloud OnAir and KubeCon this fall.

What is your favorite GKE customer?

Denna Nazem: It's so hard to pick my favorite customer because there's so many companies doing truly outstanding work. One that really stands out to me right now is Diagnostic Robotics, Diagnostic uses AI to make health care systems more affordable, effective, efficient and widely available with strained budgets and of course a global shortage of health care workers right now, With GKE And Google Cloud, they were able to adapt and scale their clinical triage program to help healthcare stakeholders predict, analyse, monitor the global spread of Covid 19 in real time. It's just been super, super amazing to see how they've been able to help limit Covid 19 cases by monitoring 50 million+ people's symptoms scaling up in two days from initial eight million thanks to GKE.

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