#GivingTuesday 2021

November 29, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Trevon Haywood, FA Alumni, '16

Trevon Haywood: My name is Trevon Haywood um I went to Kean University and my major is in criminal justice.

What was your favorite memory at Foundation Academies?

Trevon Haywood: My favorite like um Foundation memory is like the first time um that like, the students heard Mr. Weiss rap. So like, um we used to have like, when I was in sixth grade, we used to have like Circle and stuff like that. And I think like on like a one like random day um Mr. Weiss decided to rap for us.

Trevon Haywood: Like it was a cool rap, like it made sense. It was like really cool to like, see that. And I thought like, It kind of show like um, it kind of like um engaged Mr. Weiss with us and that kind of like, make him feel personable to us because like, we were kind of seeing like a real genuine side of him rather than him being like the principal or whatever. So uh yeah, that would be my favorite experience, honestly.

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