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January 07, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan Dickson

What inspired you to pursue a career in your current field, and how did you get started in your role at GigaComm?

Ryan Dickson: So I was a gamer through my teen years and leading into adulthood and I suffered with a slow and unreliable internet. Basically, I was working in customer service. When I was approached about GigaComm, when I heard what GigaComm were trying to do in the Australian Telco scene, basically allowing gamers like myself and your average internet users access to ultrafast internet. I couldn't resist. So I joined the team, I started with customer service, where I pretty much learned everything about the network and the team themselves. And I was thrilled and I've been here for about the last three years. So very happy.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Ryan Dickson: One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to add value to our customers. Basically allowing them the opportunity to support an Aussie Telco and have access to one of the arguably one of the best networks in both Melbourne, Sydney and soon the rest of Australia. So that's definitely one of the most rewarding things of my job.

What's your vision for the part of the business you're doing?

Ryan Dickson: Being a part of the customer acquisition process and working alongside customer service and marketing, basically going from start to finish with customers allowing for a smooth and I would consider amazing customer experience, basically allowing customers to go from the start by talking to someone like myself and being able to contact customer service and be installed within a week or so. And being happy with the result are working alongside the installers. And basically One of my greatest achievements I came to Sydney, I'm from Melbourne. We did a launch in one of the biggest buildings we look after in Sydney. So basically, I was there for three days, I spoke with residents for three days nonstop. It was amazing being able to speak to people about their connections and be able to walk them through and show them how we're able to solve them. Basically, we ended up signing up a whole community and now that whole community is with GigaComm. So they share a Facebook and other social media platforms where they've spoken about our network and we have people joining almost every day from that same community. So a real community based project that was successful. And yeah, we've helped the right people

What advice do you have for others who are interested in pursuing a career in your field, and what skills and qualities are more relevant?

Ryan Dickson: If you're interested in a career in Telco or sales, one of the best qualities and skills that I've been using myself is the ability to listen and understand and my boss might say otherwise. But basically I'm working with engineers and professionals who are a lot more experienced than I am and have been in the industry for as long as I've been alive. So it's important to listen and understand them when they speak to you because you never know what you'll learn.

What is your favourite fictional universe, and why do you enjoy it?

Ryan Dickson: My favourite fictional universe, I say this with a smirk is "Breaking Bad". Not for the reason you may think. I think it's an incredibly well written show. It's the Breaking Bad Universe is just to me, they're able to humanize the characters extremely well. Which makes it for an enjoyable watch. I'm a very empathetic person so being able to watch and feel how the characters are feeling. Yeah, it's special to me. It's my, definitely, my favourite show by far.

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