Vipul Singhal for What our customers say.

February 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vipul Singhal

What was your internet experience like before GigaComm?

Vipul Singhal: I used to be with TPG, and the speed was up to 100 megabits per second, but since I've joined GigaComm the speed is about 200 so I'm very happy about that. Thank you.

What made you decide to switch to GigaComm?

Vipul Singhal: So we live in a building called Nolan in 39 Caravel Lane, Docklands. The building manager introduced us to GigaComm and said the speed is very good, service is very good and we are switching to GigaComm.

How has switching to GigaComm improved your internet experience?

Vipul Singhal: Yes, switching to GigaComm has improved our internet experience So we are very grateful for the lovely plan around uh, for three months, which is $59.95 along with the router free and Plume free and excellent service. So we are very happy. Thank you.

Would you recommend GigaComm to your friends and neighbours? Why?

Vipul Singhal: Yes, we would like to introduce GigaComm to our friends and family. And we have already done that, four or five people and they are most likely to be joining in January because they're under contract at the moment and once their contract finishes, they will be joining up with GigaComm and the reason to that is excellent service, excellent speed and we're so happy. Thank you.

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