Josh Chan for What our customers say.

December 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Chan

Why is having ultra-fast internet at home important for you?

Josh Chan: So ultra-fast internet is really important to me because I, like a lot of people over the past couple of years, work quite a lot at home, I game quite a lot as well most days and having ultra-fast and low latency internet is really crucial for that. And GigaComm always delivers when it comes to those two aspects.

What was your internet experience like before GigaComm?

Josh Chan: I used to be with another NBN provider, and whilst the experience was okay, I always felt that for the amount of money I was paying, I could be getting a better experience. And I know GigaComm have their own infrastructure, which is great to support, other than just having to go with NBN. So, whilst my previous internet experience was okay, definitely with GigaComm I've taken, you know, my internet experience to the next level.

What features of GigaComm's service stand-out for you?

Josh Chan: So, I think a couple of things stand out for me with GigaComm's service, number one is that my ping is always below five milliseconds. Every day, every night it's always rock solid, whereas with NBN, it used to fluctuate quite a lot, depending on the load during the day or the night. And also, I think, being able to scale up and down my speeds any given month is a real big plus for me with GigaComm as well.

How has switching to GigaComm improved your internet experience?

Josh Chan: Switching to GigaComm has improved my internet experience in a couple of ways. Number one, definitely the speed is much faster. I'm on the base plan which is already 200 and 50 megabits per second, which is quite a lot faster than your normal 50 or 100 megabits per second with the NBN. My latency is always below five milliseconds, whereas with the NBN, I used to get anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30 depending on how busy the building was at any given stage. And all of that for $10 less per month than what I used to be paying. So, definitely a win win win.

Would you recommend GigaComm to your friends and neighbours? Why?

Josh Chan: I definitely recommend GigaComm to my friends and my neighbours, You know, I think I was one of the first to get signed up to GigaComm in my building. And I'm definitely an evangelist. I think, you know, the more we're able to subscribe, obviously the more successful GigaComm is but, you know, the service has been rock solid, customer service has been fantastic, billing is nice and easy with direct debit, and I think for the price and the speed and the stability that you're getting, I'm not sure why you'd really look anywhere else. You know, I think GigaComm ticks all of those boxes for me, so I'd happily give them two thumbs up.

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