Stephanie B. for Parent Testimonials

May 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie B., Gideon Parent

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Stephanie B.: Gideon Math and Reading has been amazing for our family. We signed up our oldest son, Tucker halfway through first grade after a parent teacher conference when his teacher relayed to me that he was needing some additional help, and the program at school just wasn't, wasn't getting him where he needed to be. And he just wasn't quite catching on as far as his phonetic awareness. So we found Gideon Math and Reading. We have been going consistently twice a week, doing the work every day for I think the past six months now. He just finished first grade and his teacher said that he has improved drastically, and he's gonna be ready for second grade. On top of that, we started doing math as well. So now math has been a strength. We also enrolled his younger brother who is going to be entering kindergarten this fall, and we're so confident he is definitely gonna be ahead because he's been going to Gideon Math and Reading. So thank you Gideon Math and Reading for the patience and the kindness and the level of care that you put into each child and especially mine.

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