Selay M. for Parent Testimonials

June 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Selay M.

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Selay M.: Hi my name is Selay Miranda. I have a son who's been in Gideon for the past year. My son's reading has improved. I'm so grateful to find Gideon and put him in this tutoring. It's been amazing. His reading has - he could grab a book and he could just read the book and when we first started was because of the Covid. He was falling behind in his reading. It was hard for him, and we found Gideon and since he's been there he's really has improved. It was like Covid never happened. I'm so happy that he's been in tutoring. I could see an improvement in him. He's not afraid to read out loud. He grabs the book, and he's just ready to go. His math also. He keeps on over and over and he's starting to remember his times his multiplication is such. I'm so amazed, and I'm so happy that I found Gideon. Honestly I am excited. I just words I can't even express how I feel about putting him in Gideon. I'm so I'm happy, and I wanna thank Gideon for helping him improve so much. I wouldn't know what to do with if I didn't find you guys. Thank you

What’s your favorite part about Gideon Math & Reading?

Selay M.: The fact that my son could grab a book, and he could read it so fast. And before, he used to just stop and ask and be like Mom, "What is this?" And now he just takes off. He goes back, and he goes over it, and he wasn't doing that before. And I'm just like, wow, this is such amazing tutoring. I'm not even making up a story. It's just amazing. I'm so grateful.

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