Melissa W. for Parent Testimonials

June 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melissa W.

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Melissa W.: What impact is Gideon had on my child? My child has actually only been a participant of Gideon for about three weeks. And just in that short amount of time, we have seen a huge increase in her confidence. She's super excited to do her work, she's super excited to actually go to Gideon. And it's been phenomenal because prior to starting at Gideon three weeks ago she had a lack of confidence and it's significantly improved and for that we're grateful.

What’s your favorite part about Gideon Math & Reading?

Melissa W.: Our favorite part about getting math and reading is the structure of the workbooks. It's super easy to navigate and its colorful. My daughter completely loves doing the actual work books and it's great because you focus on accuracy and then speed. Like she has learned to do the oral facts and she actually loves it and she's like, "Okay, mommy! Time me; this is gonna be great. I'm going to get them in five seconds." So we actually love the fact that the material is very structured, and it's easy to navigate and it's easy for a child. If for some reason we weren't there sitting next to her to help her, um, to say, okay, you're going to do these next four worksheets. She knows exactly what she is supposed to do, and we really appreciate just the ease and convenience in the structure of the program.

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