Maureen O. for Parent Testimonials

June 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maureen O.

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Maureen O.: Hello. My name is Maureen Cook and this is my daughter, Alexia Cook. Alexia is six. We have been going to Gideon for the last six weeks. When we first went to Gideon, we did not know where to start or how to help her. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what was wrong. The center director was kind enough to test Alexia and we were able to come up with a learning plan for her. It's been it was last week when Alexia started reading, which came as a shock to me. We're still working on her handwriting. She has dyslexia. And we that's a work in progress with with the handwriting and the attention span. We love Gideon because nobody judged us, everyone was very friendly. The environment is clean and most of all um when we arrive there's a routine and and and for someone like Alexia routine is very important. We get homework, we get homework that sent home with us, but it's not overwhelming. It's a couple of pages and it allows me as the parent to learn with her when she's not at Gideon, We still do the homework to keep her up to speed. We love the Gideon family and thank you.

What’s your favorite part about Gideon Math & Reading?

Maureen O.: My favorite part about Gideon Math and Reading is the program is very simple, structured environment is very clean, everyone is very friendly. I also like the fact that everything is on time and there they allow their children to learn for in 30 minute increments, which makes a difference. We normally go one day during the weekend, one day in the weekend so that we have a continuity of learning throughout the week. We spread out our learning. Thank you.

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