Lisa J for Parent Testimonials

October 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lisa J.

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Lisa J.: what is Gideon done for my child and My seven year old son who has been having struggles and reading and for first grade has a whole new world open to him. I will say in the last month that we've been apart of Gideon and joined up in this family, it has been a great extension for us. He goes two days a week for both math and for reading, and most of it was geared towards his reading so that he can be able to read math questions in school. And he has a whole new found confidence in himself every week as he passes and passes a new level of confidence that he gets. And then when he goes into school, he feels a little more confident to be able to read in front of the class, a little more confident to finish the homework that he's given and a little bit more um step towards the right direction. I am so thankful for this program. I'm thankful for the people, we are surrounding us to support our child through this learning process and in the and all of that. It's a, it's an uncanny new thing for my son to have more discipline building character as well as the confidence that I see every day. So I want to thank you guys for what you do and thank you for everything because it's an exciting to have a new kid and I love it, have a great day!

What’s your favorite part about Gideon Math & Reading?

Lisa J.: What's my favorite part about Gideon? What I love about it is the organization! Our times are great and being able to know when we're going to be there and how to be there. But then I love his little book, his little case. It's so great because everything is put together in one spot. And so it's fun because it makes it easier when we're at home. Let's go do our Gideon! And he grabs his things and we sit at the table and he goes through it on his own. And then I help him if he needs any help. But he's doing such a great job because he knows where to go. And then it's very simple to read the instructions. For him that's four pages. So it just makes it so much easier on me as a parent to actually know where and how to guide and direct. But to for him as a student to be able to have the independence that he's looking for. So thank you. I love the organization.

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