Katarina S. for Gideon Parent Testimonials

October 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Katarina S., Gideon Parent

What impact has Gideon Math & Reading had on your student?

Katarina S.: So my daughter went to a private school during Covid and she had to stay home for a good portion of her kindergarten year. And so whenever she went to public school for first grade, she was extremely behind on reading. So much. So she was almost considered prekindergarten. And so I tried everything. ABCMouse, I tried helping her myself and it was so frustrating for her. She was frustrated, I was frustrated and she couldn't understand. And we went and decided to try Gideon Reading and I mean, the explosion of growth over three months. She went from barely able to really understand the sounds of letters to reading almost the end of 1st grade level. She's reaching for chapter books. She's just soaking it up. It was just so much growth, it's just, it was truly an explosion of growth and she's already kind of ahead on math for her class and she has gained the confidence to actually work on that. And so I actually enrolled during the Gideon math because you know, they know how to work with her. They're very flexible. It's just been amazing.

What’s your favorite part about Gideon Math & Reading?

Katarina S.: My favorite part about Gideon was the fact that they make it enjoyable. You know, even with the homework, the homework is very simple. It seems like a lot, but it's very simple. My daughter even though there are times where she just simply has no time for doing your homework, they still have other ways for her to win prizes and everything and it makes her, encourages her to do better. And she just feels with everybody else made her feel like she was a failure because she could not keep up with the reading. They (Gideon) worked hard to make her feel like, "No, you're fine; you're good. You can do it," and it's just been an amazing experience.

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