George Odoi for Customer Testimonial Videos

November 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: George Odoi, Owner, Boss Transport

Tell us about your experience working with Get Knowticed?

George Odoi: Hi, my name is George Odoi and I'm the CEO of Boss Transport and Family Services here, a non-emergency medical company here in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I want first, this video is for my testimony of the Get Knowticed team and how they have worked miracles for my business. Just growing and, and having somebody that cares about my vision has been so important to me and my staff and my family in general. Just to see my business grow, Kevin and the team, they hear my ideas, they really listen to what I'm trying to convey and what I'm trying to get to my customers. They know exactly what it takes to grow a business and help you scale a business. I would recommend them to anybody that is trying to get into business and need to get business organically. I've been working with Kevin on and off for a couple of years now and just the platform and the base that they have helped me grow to alone is just incredible. And I'm so excited to see what is coming in the next upcoming years and I'm so happy that they have come into our lives and, and I cannot cannot tell you guys enough. So please definitely use the Get Knowticed team as you grow (client thinks SEO is Google Ads) and they, and they will definitely get you to newer constituents.

What problems were you facing before working with Get Knowticed?

George Odoi: So before working with, Get Knowticed, I would say that my problem was scaling and knowing where to grow my customer base. When Get Knowticed came in, they helped me analyze and really put a picture to who my base is and where my business is coming from. And with that, you can, you can work miracles.

What happened after working with Get Knowticed?

George Odoi: I love that. Get Knowticed has helped my team. I, I feel like there's a new spirit within my team because they see the growth of our business and when people are seeing growth, they feel like they're part of that growth. And with the Get Knowticed team, they have helped that happen.

What was the process of working together like?

George Odoi: The process of working with. Get Knowticed has been amazing. They really listen to your needs, they tailor to your business. I was very worried in the beginning that Kevin and the team and Get Knowticed team wouldn't know the lane or be able to convey my message to my customers. I was very worried about that, but they have listened and really tuned in to what my needs are and I know that they can do that for anybody trying to create a business organically.

If someone was on the fence about working with Get Knowticed, what would you tell them?

George Odoi: For anybody on the fence that doesn't know if they want to work with Get Knowticed. I tell you now, get with, Get Knowticed now.

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